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White Information Networking has been in existence for more than 20 years,
and is still growing.

2005 ~ Now

Before 2005

  • 2014
    05The Asian Banker ‘Best HR System Project Award in Asia Pacific’
  • 2013
    02Registered Patent (No.10-0496868)
    02“Method and apparatus for design pattern-based reengineering to generate EJB component
    02legacy system through extracting design patterns”
    09The Asian Banker ‘Best HR System Project Award in Asia Pacific’
  • 2012
    08Launched ‘H5 Security Pack’
  • 2011
    01‘INNOBIZ(Innovation Business)’ certificated
  • 2010
    01Selected as a management innovation company to provide SaaS (software as a service)
  • 2009
    11Awarded minister’s commendation for “SW development” by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    07Launched SaaS-based solution ‘H5on’ for small/medium companies
  • 2008
    11Awarded presidential commendation for “Korea SW Development”
    11by Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2007
    06‘GS(Good Software)’ certificated by Telecommunications Technology Association
    05Awared grand prize for ‘Digital Management Innovation’
    05by Small & Medium Business Administration
  • 2006
    12Received ‘Best Solution Sector’ in Hi-Tech Awards
    12Awarded the ‘IT Sector Special Award’ in Korea’s New Growth Management Award
  • 2005
    06Established partnership with IBM Korea
    05Awarded ‘Exemplary Company’ by Small & Medium Business Administration