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H5on, Usable Human Resource in Cloud System

Software as a Service
For small/medium companies, White Information Networking provides ‘H5on’ which is cloud based HR solution. ‘H5on’ delivers a completely intgrated HR solutution. Small and Medium enterprises don’t have to spend time implementing complicated software. Customers have the freedom from nonstrategic IT issues. Use H5on, and save your time and effort !

Integrated solution and Lower costs
H5on delivers one integrated HR solution with lower costs. Customers don’t have to pay the initial expenses of building up overall HR software and hardware. Just charge for service per user per month, and save IT budget in your company.

Faster deployment and Stable system
‘H5on’ implementation is focused on rapid deployment. ‘H5on’ is stable many users connected at the same time. ‘H5on’ is compatible with related systems and flexible on chaging policies or regulations of HR.

Security and Data protection
White Information Networking consider security and privacy at the most important thing. We certainly believe that ‘H5on’ is the most secure HR software solution.

HR Cloud